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Quilting & Sewing Journey

I Patchwork Bag no. 1
When there is a will, there is a way. 

I was so intrigued to try my hands on making my own patchwork bag but I have no idea how.if you know me, then you are aware that I have never sewn anything in my life (rolled eyes). I am a woman of many talents, i can play music,  i am a good cook, i teach my native language to adults, i am a good writer and i blog , i create videos no problem, but sewing? That would be me in another universe.  

However, something wonderful happened about half a year ago. My sister and my aunt are amazing quilters. They often shower me with their DIY projects such as bags, pouches, mug rugs. I was so impressed by the quality of their work, they made me want to start quilting! I am so fortunate that my little sister is also an awesome teacher. She patiently guided me through the journey of finding joy in quilting and sewing. She got me involved in the parent volunteer school productions, which required us to sew. That project expedite my learning process. My first achievement was making 15 pieces of mug rugs for teachers' day! 

Well,  making mug rug is easy peasy but making a bag? Ouch ... that sounds daunting! 
After learning about my dream of making my own bag, my dear sister shared a link to  DIY patchwork bag tutorial video by Jenny Doan from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. And these bags are the result.

Patchwork Bag No 2

Aren't they cute? I still can't believe that I made those lovely bags! Thanks to my sister for her guidance and also to Jenny Doan for her incredibly clear and easy to follow tutorial. I needed two days to complete the process of each bag, from cutting to sewing, including several overhauls as I made mistakes here and there along the way! I suppose, with practice, i will be able to make them in shorter time. Hey...i have many friends and it would be great if i can make something; a bag, a pouch, a set of plqcemats etc for them!  

If you are interested in making similar project, do check out Missouri Star Quilt Company videos on youtube! 

Next project: making a pouch with zipper. 

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