Minggu, 29 Januari 2017

Pretty Pouches

Make up pouch

It is Day 2 of Chinese New Year. It is a long weekend here in Singapore. School will only start on Tuesday next week. Monday is still a public holiday. How do you spend your long weekend? I chose to be productive. 

I watched Jenny's from Missouri Star Tutorial Co. video tutorial on youtube, follow her instruction and made this make-up pouch with zipper. 

Now i know, there are many steps to follow in making this pouch but fortunately, they are not difficult. 

Pencil Case for the boy in the house
Second try. This time round I made a pencil case. And it was a success! haha.

Things to improve:
1. To sew the sides with zigzag stitch to tidy up the edges of the inner pouch. 
2. Do more careful calculation in term of dimension to avoid suprise - the size of the ready made pouch is not what I had in mind. Oh well :P

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