Sabtu, 09 Agustus 2008

National Day Parade 2008

SIngapore, a young nation, with a big dream. 
Today is its 43rd birthday.

After years of living in this tiny country, I could not help but envy its tremendous progress that it has achieved.  With a reliable government that is trusted by its people, healthy economics and a stable political situation, topped up with its mostly well-educated people,  it is easy to put the country's mission and vision into reality. 

No country is without flaws, but I believe we all could learn a thing or two from its commendable achievements and from its unbelievably hardworking people. 

While its neighbouring countries were troubled with scandals and corruption issues surrounding their powerful people - the people who are supposed to build the country, Singapore strive to do its best in various areas, to be the best in Asia, even in the world. Singapore is definitely in a different league.

I have made friends, alot of wonderful Singaporean friends. We are different in many things, from perceiving things to the way we think, but we certainly are friends who respect each other and understands each other.

This posting is for them and their country. 
Happy Birthday Singapore.
God Bless you.

3 komentar:

ragil mengatakan...

happy belated bday ya buat Singapore ding :D

si Dyah mengatakan...

Haiyaaa Gil,

Baru balik dari hiatus udah nyela!

Saya sebenarnya iri kronis, knapa negara sendiri gak bisa maju2...

Susah ya ngatur ratusan jta orang? Soalnya gakda contoh teladan dari yg di atas tampuk sono sihh

Anonim mengatakan...

Happy Belated Bday untuk SING.
Pengen pindah ke SING ah :)

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