Jumat, 03 Juni 2016

Belajar Membuat Quilt

Hidup dikelilingi anggota keluarga yang suka dan pandai menjahit akhirnya menggugah rasa ingin tahu saya untuk mencoba menekuni hobi ini. Ketinggalan jaman? Halah...tidak ada alasan itu. Sekarang, hobi menjahit menjadi tren lagi lho. 

Baiknya saya mencoba yang mudah dulu. Kalau menjahit baju, rasanya belum ada kemampuan. Jadilah saya berporos menjahit quilt. Quilt itu seni menjahit kain bertumpuk yang dijadikan bermacam fungsi misalnya selimut, taplak meja, mug rug dan lainnya. Uniknya seni menjahit quilt adalah karena kita bisa merancang pola/ desain dengan menggunakan bermacam kain perca, seperti contoh di atas. 

Proyek 1: Mug Rug untuk Teachers' Day

Bagaimana perjalanan jahit-menjahit saya? Awalnya memang penuh dengan tantangan. Jangankan menjahit mesin, menjahit jelujur tangan saja saya lupa caranya. Haha. Terakhir kali menjahit adalah waktu saya di masih bersekolah di SMP. Tidak ada yang saya ingat dari pelajaran di SMP. Yang pasti, saya selalu merasa bosan bukan buatan di kelas ini. Untungnya sekarang saya punya guru yang asyik sekali yaitu adik saya dan ibu saya. Terimakasih ya bu, sudah bersabar menjelaskan bagaimana menggunakan mesin jahit. Terimakasih ya dik, sudah meminjamkan peralatan quilting seperti penggaris, rotary cutter, alas pemotong hingga modal bahan. Haha saya memang benar2 miskin modal. 

Sekarang saya benar-benar merasakan asyiknya menjahit quilt. Senang sekali kalau pola yang kita buat berhasil menjadi quilt cantik. Jahitan mesin saya pun sekarang semakin rapi. Baru-baru ini ada teman yang memesan 1 set placemats. Oow...saya senang mendapat tugas seperti ini! Sudah banyak ide desain di kepala, tinggal pelaksanaannya saja. Tunggu update nya ya?!

Senin, 09 Mei 2016

Special Dinner for The Man In The House

When you reach the age of 40, you have a different view on the important aspects in your life. Well, that is very true, at least for me. 

Many of us no longer chase the famous 5Cs (car, cash, credit car, condo and career). Some of us start to realise that we are not always on our tip-top condition, as lately we start to wake up with a backache, a headache and similar other aches :-P

We also start to receive sad news of the passing of our old school friends. "Eh...I thought we are still young, and supposedly healthy?" I said to myself. Whenever our phone rang in the middle of the nights, i started to get panic attack. What if it were a call from friends or family, informing us of terrible news? I still remember vividly the time i hung on to the phone, sobbing uncontrollably, when my cousin back in Indonesia told me the news of my dad's passing.   

Nowadays we make sure we celebrate the birthday of our family, no matter how modest it is. Birthday celebration is the perfect time to express our gratitude to the Lord of what we have been blessed with so far. The ability to still be together, happy and healthy, celebrating our birthday brings a sense of humility. We do not know whether we will still be able to do this again next year, the following year and the years to come.  

So here is to you. 
Happy Birthday to the man in the house. May you be blessed with good life, happiness, and success. Love you to the moon and back :)

Selasa, 09 Februari 2016


Happy New Year of Monkey!!! 
May your year be blessed with abundance and prosperity!
Huat ah! 

Jumat, 01 Januari 2016

Recipe for you, with Love.

I found this neatly typed recipe, done by my mom, or dad? (love you and miss you pak) during those time when computer and internet were still not popular among the mass. The recipe was written for me, sent to me in Singapore by airmail. Pretty ancient eh? It was done for me to use as a guideline as i was still a newbie in the kitchen hahaha! 

Love you mom and dad. Thank you for raising me up to be who i am today. May Allah SWT blesses you with good health and happiness, mom. Ya Allah, please grant my dad a beautiful place among those faithful to you and the prophet SAW. Aamiin.

Happy New Year 2016

Senin, 14 Desember 2015

A trip to Batam

First time for us, Aqila and I to go to Batam. Second time for hubby, after...many years ago. 

The husband had a team-bonding time with his office colleagues, the son and I just tagged along since it is school holiday. 

The ferry ride was smooth. The water was calm although it rained throughout the journey. I was little worried prior to the journey because I get seasick quite easily. Besides, past experience of braving the sea from Bali to Lombok Island and Bali to Lembongan, were quite nerving. The waves in these two crossings were torturous and choppy. The waves were high and unexpected, and the jetboat went up and down wildly. Sickening...so sickening haha

So...i was sooo relieved when I learned that it was not the case with the water between Singapore-Batam.

Two day and one night trip to Batam proves to be tiring to my old body. Upon landing on Batam, Aqila and Ayah and the rest of the team went for a paintball game at Harris hotel, whilst I went for foot reflexology. So yeah, we went to another hotel to play paintball game. Ackward. 

Dinner was a fabulous array of seafood at Weiwei restaurant next to Harbourbay Mall. 

The hotel where we stayed in is called Amir Hotel. It was one of many budget hotels around in Batam. It costs Rp.338.000/night including breakfast. That is around SGD 34 per night, very very cheap. Well, please dont ask too much from that price. The hotel was small, with bare necessity. Room was small, with individual airconditioning unit. No mini-fridge nor water kettle in the room so we could not boil water for coffee/tea. Oh yeah, no complimentary tea or coffee around, except for two 500ml size mineral water bottles. There was no swimming pool nor other basic hotel facilities. It had a very modest spa though. More about it on next paragraph.

The next morning passed by like thunder, very very fast. Our ferry ride back to Singapore was scheduled at noon so we all woke up early to have breakfast at the hotel restaurant afterwhich I went for my appointment for massage at the erhm...hotel spa. Btw, breakfast was allright, western and asian breakfast, coffee and tea, bread and cereals for kids, though the choice was not many.

The spa was far from descent. It was more apt to be called massage parlour, with no negative connotation. Oh well, i guess it was okay as I went there for a massage, not for a spa treatment. But if you wish to be pampered in a spa, I suggest you book the session elsewhere 😬

The lady masseur's name was Siti. Siti had a very strong pair of hands. The massage was effective but painful haha. Every time i told her that the area that she was working on was painful (implying to her to please reduce the pressure!) she would instead suggested, that i should endure the pain while she was massaging the area so then i would feel better afterwards!! Errr and where was the logic to that? Hey...but i did not protest further! Silly me. And now, I have bruises all over my body. They show how powerful this lady masseur was. Do i feel better now? Well i will tell you in several days time, as soon as the pain from the bruises has gone 😆

So that was my experience going to Batam island. I was not impressed by the place. It was too ordinary. Well maybe we needed a guide who could show us the beauty if the island. Until then, i wont miss going to Batam again. 

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