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Sarang Burung - Bird's Nest update 2

Late post 23.04.17 #bulbul #birdnest
The owner of the nest is at home! If you look carefully, you will find the bird's tail here.

The mama bird remained calm and quiet the entire photo session. My husband is a good photographer, so he takes it as his job to record what is going on with our bird's nest. This is taken in the afternoon. A quiet and lazy Sunday. The mama bird seems to be enjoying her me-time here.

After doing a little research, I found out that the bird is a Yellow-Vented Bulbul, one of popular species of birds in Singapore. It is quite friendly to humans that is why I think they chose to build the nest in our garden.They are often spotted making their nest on potted plants, like ours. 
If you dont live in Singapore, then you might not know that most people in Singapore live in apartments, us included. There are not many residents willing to create green wall along their corridors. Can not blame them as it takes time to take care of the green. We did it to bring freshness and oxygen to our home. We did it so that my mum has an activity that she enjoys doing. To have birds building their nest in our garden is a plus.

This is why the bird was so quiet when my husband took these pictures! She was laying an egg. Such small and beautifully oval shaped egg! Let us count how many days it stays this way till it hatches. According to information on the internet,

Should we set up a camera/ video camera near the nest to record the development? Nah...we ditch the idea. We do not wish to be too intrusive but we will take picture regularly, and pen down the progress here.

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