Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

When you have time....

to go jalan-jalan...i would suggest you to go to Little India.
Dont forget to bring your camera...or cameraphone, like me :-)
"Bla..bla...bla...ring...ring..." Multitasking

My favourite place to shoot street Little India. There is always so much things to explore and find and capture!

I've been going to Little India for as long as I can remember, for the food, for the fresh produce, for the cultural happenings (I joined the Thaipusam procession couple of years ago) and...for the abundance subjects to shoot with my camera 

Klick the word Little India above, it will bring you to the map of the area. From Little India MRT, just go along Serangoon Road, go into Norris Rd, Upper Dickson Rd, Dunlop Rd, Veerasamy Rd, Chitty Rd, Kampong Kapor Rd...well, basically every lanes and road in this area. 

You will find this beautiful church Kampong Kapoor Church around Kampong Kapoor and Chitty Road. The parish Rev. Wong invited me to see the inside of the church, including their piped organ. It is beautiful! Will upload the pictures on separate post :-)

You will also find this beautiful Abdul Gaffoor mosque in Dunlop Street. It is hidden among rows of shophouses, so you will only see it when you are already very near to the mosque. Do visit this is beautifully preserved! 

My sister, aunt, mom and I finally found this gem!

Alley walk
Back Alley. Do you notice the designated parking lot for motorcycle here? :-)

"Back of the House"
Laundry day today :-)

A different face of this Lion City :)
Something has never changed

Back alley...from the otherside.

Hello Granny :-)

"Hello...this is me"

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Lidya - Mama Cal-Vin mengatakan...

halo mak apak kabar? lama gak mampir kesini nih

Lambertus Hurek mengatakan...

Wajah lain kota singa yg jarang diketahui orang. Kayak kota tua yg kusam. Ada becak pula. Si abang becaknya jangan2 Yinniren??? hehehe...

Selamat motret terus!

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