Kamis, 29 November 2012

Good Friend Good Food

Good food is abound here. Eating is an activity that is kinda accepted as the nation's past time here :-) No wonder many of my local friends are serious foodies. They search high and low for good food, raving about them or even blog and instagram the whole experience in finding the so-called perfect dish for them :-)

How about me? Well...I am a simple person...i love simple things...nothing fancy. Dont particularly like to talk about the food that i eat as I dont hunt food, if you know what i mean. My kind of perfect food is when I enjoy a meal, no matter how simple it is, with good companion ;)

Steamed cakes/ bread and coffee at Old Town cafe. Hm....
Talking about good companion, my husband and I have been having 'our time' these past couple of months, ever since our kiddo is attending an extended music lesson at his teacher's studio.  We have lunch together, sometimes trying out new places but most times we just go to the usual ones, followed by watching a movie. Waaah...senangnya :-) 

Oh...by the way, the steamed bun bread we tried at Old Town Resto at White Sands Pasir Ris is very soft and lovely. Try to dip the bread in to the coffee instead of the curry dip for a change.  Yum yum smells nice. And the coffee is great too, creamy with fresh aroma :-)

San Lou Hor Fun or Sliced Fish Hor Fun....oooomph!
I had this Hor Fun at a cafe called Kampong Cafe along Joo Chiat Road. I was there some time last week with my student, during our lunch break. Actually, my student was the one who recommended me this place hehehe. The food here is good and cheap. You can order Malay or Chinese dish, they have quite an extensive menu. Strangely, the place was never too crowded, (i went there twice and on both occasion the resto was only half full, and it was lunch hour!) unlike the next door restaurant (raised your hand if you know which restaurant that i am referring to hehehe). Anyways...it is really not a bad idea to have a lunch here. Go easy on your order...they serve generously :-)
(perpax for express lunch with drink, 7-8 dollar)

Singapore Street Food

Do you know that  one of the stalls at KPT Kopitiam opposite Punggol Park sells very nice Rojak? Rojak...not Rujak ya. It is an Indian dish, consisting a variety of fried dough/ stuff, fishcake, tempeh, tahu, potato, shrimp ball, ngo hiang etc with a dip of sweet and hot sauce made of combination of sweet potato and peanut and tamarind and chilli and other ingredients hehe. Shiok lah. Pokoknya enaaaak! 
(4 pieces of rojak will cost you 5.50 dollar)


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