Jumat, 19 Oktober 2012

My neighbourhood

Punggol Interchange

I was on my way to my lesson when i caught a glimpse of the sky and realised how pretty it was. I was pleasantly surprise to see the results...so i share them here with you :-)

It seems just recently we moved in to this area. Hey....it seems just recently we heard about Punggol estate. ;-) Well, Punggol is the newest estate in Singapore. Punggol now is still an ulu place. But come 5 years from now, it will be a very vibrant estate with various amenities for everyone, or so it was said by the government :-)

Okay...okay...am not in the mood to explain about it now, initially i just wanted to post these pictures of my Punggol :-) So if you are interested to know about the latest development of Punggol Town, please clik this.  

Soft vs hard ☁☁☁

3 komentar:

Anonim mengatakan...

foto gedung + awan memang selalu te o pe be ge te :D

Dyah Peni T Sari mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Dyah Peni T Sari mengatakan...

hahahaaaa....yeah bener banget kamu :-P! Pakabar Gil?

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