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(taken at The Fullerton Waterboat House)

I was forced to stay in downtown area (Raffles Place / Esplanade area) for hours a couple of days ago,  for some reasons that i am sure you are not interested of :-) What should i  do to kill time? Of course, as other iphoneographers would do, i took the opportunity to take a stroll along Singapore River. And this is what i found.

Came across to the Waterboat House and managed to shoot some quick snaps. 

This building was built in 1919 as a Water Office owned by Hammer and Company. It supplied fresh water to incoming ships. 

The site itself is believed to be where the Master Attendant's Office in the late 19th century was. The Master Attendant supervised all harbour activities. The Office also served as a post office.

Port of Singapore Authority took over the management of the building in 1960 but maintained its function till 1990. 

The building is now under the care of the Fullerton Management.

If you are interested to know more about stories of old Singapore (buildings and all) do visit the Heritage Trail  website, created by The National Heritage Board of Singapore. .

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