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Museum Bahari Jakarta

Journey to the yesteryear 1

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Museum Bahari is housed in an former warehouses for spices and commodities owned by the Dutch East India Company. It was built around 1774.

The old building is still standing tall and strong but the exhibits inside them are not on par. In my opinion, they badly needed to be replaced or cleaned. If the exhibits are designed to be more interactive and more engaging, this place for sure will be a popular destination of excursion among school students, as well as the public.

Oh well...I do hope the museum will get a revamp soon!

Facts about the museum:
Name: Museum Bahari Jakarta / Maritime Museum
Address : Jalan Pasar Ikan 1, Jakarta 14440 Indonesia
Contact no: +62 21 6693406
Open: Tue - Sun around 9.00-15.00. Call them if you are not sure.
Close: Mon and Public Holiday
Website: www.museumbahari.org/

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