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People you meet on MRT

Originally posted : July 27, 2007 in my other blog. Part of my MRT short stories series.


Hehe…another weird experience of mine, also happened while I was on MRT…this time when I was with my little ‘king’ Aqila.

It happened sometime last week, we were on our way to Aqila’s school…in a rush as usual. Around noon, the MRT usually was empty, so there were plenty of seats available. We chose our seats, settled ourselves, and Aqila started to play with his mini police car that we always bring to keep him entertained during the journey. I was about to make some scribbles of a lesson plan for my class that day, when a young man sat next to me.

This chap…was probably in his early 20s, rather plump, wearing specs with weird eyes….weird as in not ‘normal’, not the eyes but the way he look at people. Never mind I thought. I’ve seen many weird people here and there….hehe. So I was not paying any attention to him, until he started talking to me. This is what he said to me, " Eh miss…you Malay a?"

Being polite and trying not to assume anything, I answered, " Yes, we are."

He replied with a smirk on his face," Your son is really cute leh!"

In any other circumstances…any mother will be very happy to hear that comment, even from a stranger. But not while that stranger was also pointing and wiggling his water bottle (yes..it was empty, nevertheless it was still a bottle!), just inches away from her son’s face! Alamak….orang kurang waras ternyata!

Trying to keep my self calmed, I said to him in an icy tone, "Please don’t do that" referring to the way he used his water bottle to point to my son.

Do you know what his reaction was? He replied with an upset tone, "What? Don’t do this ah? Don’t do this?" while keep pointing (almost poking) the bottle in exaggerating way right in front of Aqila’s face!

Panic attack! I immediately pushed Aqila’s stroller to another carriage…even while the MRT was still moving! Gileeeee…. ternyata beneran orang gile!

From afar…I could see this guy was still talking and grinning to himself, while some passengers also started to move away from him!

Ada ada aja pengalaman di MRT. Ever experienced anything stranger and weirder than this? I want to know…

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Sultana mengatakan...

Heh, scary. Good thing you could get away quickly. So far fortunately no scary incident for me when I go on the tram with Bonnie even though I've seen quite a number of crazy people here. (talking to themselves loudly)

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