Kamis, 10 Juni 2010

10 things about hospital

10 things about Hospitals in spore

(strictly based on my observation of one particular hospital). An observation by a bored nothing better to do patient :-)

1. All female doctors/ specialists are well-dressed, usually in a nice designer one-piece dress with cute little designer bag. They are all very feminine! Nice :-)

2. Many nurses are from the Philippines and are very freindly n capable. Some even speak mandarin or malay quite well.

3. Hospital foods sucks! Hehehe or i should paraphrase it: when you are ill...no foods tastes nice :-). I ve been eating muslim food for four days and now i am sick of it! Just to smell the curry (well...muslim food here is mostly indian/malay food with lots of spices and coconut milk) aiiih...cannot tahan if i have to eat this everyday! Not when you r sick.

4. Whether patients are Malay, indian, chinese, eurasian...all family will crowd around the sick during visiting hour! Seperti pasar!
But it is nice to know that family bonding still stay strong here

5. Majority of patients in hospital are the seniors. In my ward, 4 out of 5 are old, the young one (under 40) is me hehee.

There...five of things abt hospitals. How bout the other five? Still thinking about it...maybe there will be a sequel to this posting. Maybe there will not be any hehehe...

Signing off now...dozing off now...


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4 komentar:

Ayu mengatakan...

Mbak, coba Changi General Hospital...makanannya enak, bikin kangen. Pernah nyobain 3 RS, kayanya Changi yg paling yummie :p Tapi dokternya ga pake designer dress :D

si Dyah mengatakan...

Ayu...yg benar ah...masa kangen dg makanan Rumah Sakit? :-) is the food really that good? Hehe

di sini baru coba 2 rumah sakit... Yg pertama udah lupa rasanya. Yg terakhir ini...mt alvernia...biasa aja menjurus ke.... Hehehe :-)

Anonim mengatakan...

Waduh, seenak-enaknya RS, tetep aja gak betah :D

Btw, sehat selalu deh mbak

Dyah mengatakan...

Ragil...iya gakmau sakit seperti ini lagi deh. Ngga enak banget.

Makasih doanya yaaa :-)

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