Minggu, 08 Februari 2009


(lokasi: lapangan kosong dekat rumah kami, plot sebelah Sengkang Interchange)

Papan pengumuman ini sudah dipasang sejak akhir tahun lalu (maaf...lupa tepatnya kapan). Hm....mungkin enak juga bisa belanja di pasar jalan kaki saja. Tapi jaman susah begini...kira2 ada peminat gak yaaa?  :(

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Syari mengatakan...

Read somewhere property prices are going down in S'pore. But the economy is so bad that people don't dare to spend. That's what I read, but don't know how the people who is living there really feel. Are you feeling it? Don't feel it yet here, but really depressing at times reading about the economical situation now. :(

si Dyah mengatakan...


Indeed, the property prices are plunging... those who have the mean to buy, are holding on to their money...perhaps waiting for the price to even go lower? or simply wish to save their money for the rainy day.

Singapore government is trying hard to keep its economy going, since it relies heavily on open market system. Some measures have been taken which include pumping funds to local companies, tax rebate etc.

We are feeling the pinch... :( Prices are going up, I've started to become more prudent in managing my expense...going out less, eating out less.
But I think we are still fortunate compared to lots of other people.

Good that you are doing fine...hope it stays that way :)

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