Kamis, 14 Juni 2007

Your neighbours are ....

Your neighbours are :

1. for you to talk with about latest news, gossips, latest activitiy in the community

2. a favorite topic for you talk (read: gossip) about with your other neighbours ;P

3. for you to ask for help when you need to carry luggages, a stroller and a baby in your arm to the airport (it happened to me when I had to rush to the airport the day my father passed away)

4. a baby-sitter in an emergency situation

5. for you to ask where to go to best 'makan place' around neighbourhood

6. for your kid to borrow their kids' toys :P

7. for you to share the challenges of raising children

8. for you to get info on good and affordable childcare

9. your worst daily enemy...as you hate their annoying habit of slamming their doors!

10. for you to ask help to call locksmith when you accidently locked yourself in your flat ! (as what had happened to my neighbour, and I happened to be the heroine..who called the locksmith to unlock the padlock!)

the list goes on....what about yours?

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