Sabtu, 09 Juni 2007

The undescribable feeling of constant mopping and washing !

Mopping...referring to my house floor, if i am lucky (or carpets if not so lucky)

Washing ...referring to my son's clothes got it right. You guessed it right too....

I am currently potty-training my little one...sort of. He already knows how to do the 'BIG' business but not 'the other' business yet. So I...have been extremely busy these days. Doing all those things in addition to my already too long daily chores list. Or is it me who dont know how to manage the time? It seems that i hardly have time to blog write / think of some serious thoughts. Busy doing house addition to that...constantly mopping the floor...for there is always wet floor anytime of the day!!!

What's my typical to do list? Let's see....
1. Cooking (it an take up lots of time...since I prepare everything from a scratch...down to the tomato sauce, since my son is sensitive to ready made commercial tomato sauce/condiments)
2. Laundry (washing and hanging the laundry outside....the SIngapore style)
3. Sweeping and mopping the floor (and mopiing...and mopping....)
4. Tidy up house...returning lil King's toys to their boxes...( repeat this at least 3-4 times)
5. Do some fun learning activities with the King
6. Checking emails and attend to some business enquiries (yay...just closed a deal with a huge multinational institution!)
7. Update my self on the curent news (if still have energy)
WHat else....?

Geee......not so much thinking is required...but a lot of muscle works here!

Well, I am not complaining...this is part of the parcel of being a mother. But I now realize...that I am not as fit as before. All those constant mopping, washing in addition to creating something delicious from a very limited choice of foods (since my son has multiple food allergies)...and Im telling you...I am not a good Cook....all these activities really drain my energy. As a result....I've been having this migraine for 2 days. On and off. The usual migraine that comes whenever I have my period...especially when I am exhausted. Arrrrgghh.....

Still...I have got to do some at this wee hour...since my headache seems has son and hubby are sleeping peacefully and soundly...and my mind is still working profusely! accidental insomniac?

So what is the feeling? Mopping and washing ....and ...all the above chores everyday?
Sigh....ikhlas aja deh. This is the role of a mother and a With God permits...I am doing this to get his Ridha. Amin....
Okay...Got to do some food planning for my son now. Am Thinking of doing a rotary control his allergies.

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