Kamis, 11 Mei 2017

To A & E

Brought mum to see her cardiologist for her regular check up.
The kind dr Wong was worried about mum's condition after learning about her fall. He sent her to the A&E.

Waited soooo long to get to the first screening. It was a busy day at the emergency department. Once the nurse attended to my mum and read the note from dr Wong, mum was immediately put in stretcher and wheeled into the critical care area. Both my sister and I werent allowed to accompany her. My heart was beating so fast...so frantic, worried for the unknown.

The wait felt like forever when in fqct it was only 10 minutes away. I was called in to assist the doctor in checking and communicating with mum. They  said they would do an ecg, xray on her hips and gull blood count test on her.

The result was inconclusive. Xray looks fine. But doctor referred us to orthopaedic specialist. Bloodtest will be done again in a week time, due to unusual high level of haemoglobin in her blood. Ecg was fine too.

We went home, feeling exhausted but at least mum was relieved because doctor didnt find anythimg wrong with her hips.

To be continued...

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