Kamis, 11 Mei 2017

Alternative Intervention

Mum has problem. Her right knee is swollen and painful and very heqvy. It is difficult for her to walk, even when she is being assisted. There is no strength on her right knee. 

A dear friend suggested us to bring mum to see a chinese doctor, a TCM doctor. The one that my friend recommended has a Phd in TCM and is a former athlete. Okay...lets just go, no harm trying. Anything to help lessen the pain that mum is suffering.

The consultation was brief. Doctor only look at mum once and already said the knee problem. It is osteoarthtitis. Common in old people. Lets see what the orthopaedics specialist will say about her condition. Our appointment is next week.

Treatment: massage (very painful from the look on mum's face) and medicinal plaster to reduce swelling. Doctor also gives mum some herbal remedy to drinks. And followup in 2-3 days time.

Some food needs to be avoided. Bye bye tofu bye bye peanuts hiks

The following morning mum said her right foot felt much lighter. But after she used it to walk to bathroom, it gave up on her again. It got heavy again. Then...i remember, perhaps cold temperature also play part. She experienced a sudden excruciating knee pain when we went to airport several years ago. The moment we stepped outside the airport (which was freezing cold), the pain was gone.  Happened again a couple of months ago when i brought her to ikea. So...yes...probably this thing affecting her knee condition?

To be continued...

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