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Not much things we did during our June holiday in Bali, mostly sleeping and relaxing...hey, that is what HOLIDAY is, right?

So here are the highlights,

Going down to the river to start the journey,
so many steps down to go!
The husband of mine engaged Sobek Bali to be his and our kiddo's guide on this adventure. I was excluded, for a very obvious reason :P.  As a mother, I was of course worried when I learnt about my husband's plan to bring along our 9 year old kid to this ride, white water rafting does not fall into a suitable type of sports for young kids let alone safe. However my hubby assured me that rafting in Ayung river is very safe, safe enough even for seven year old kids! Are you kidding me? 

Apparently it was, judging from the information that I found on Sobek's website, and I quote: "Established in 1989. Sobek was the First Adventure Company of its kind in Bali... recognized training standard Sobek has proven 100% safety record"  Errr....all right then.... let's see.

Getting ready for the adventure...
If you also want to experience the adventure, you will need to register and the company will send a car to fetch you from your hotel. They will also send you back after the tour. You need to bring fresh clothes for change of course as you will be soaking wet after the ride, wear shorts and T shirt and shoes and that is it, they will take care of the rest. Click this link to find out more about their Ayung River's whitewater rafting.


Some camera actions!

Taking a dip...after the invigorating experience!

Going back to the base camp.

Interesting vernacular structure at Sobek's reception area.

Two proud faces...smiling for the pose though exhausted.

Walking back to Sobek's office, where momma was waiting for him :)

Let's wash up with spring water!

Well...from the photos above you could have guessed that the adventure was really a wonderful and exciting one! The current of the river was not very strong but the river has many interesting twists and turns. If you are an adventure seeker, go for the tour!

We heard that these two parks were worth checking out. So we did and we were not disappointed. The Park was very well organized, the staff was friendly and very professional at the same time. The exhibits were fascinating and well kept. There were many various animals from Indonesia, Africa and Asia roaming around the area freely, well...at least that was what it looked like to me. They were still within their premise but each territory was cleverly blended with their surrounding, giving the impression that we were in the wild. 

Very nice setting of jungle in Bali Safari

Giraffes with different body pattern showing where they are originally from.

We enjoyed the bus tour around the park most. The lady tour guide gave very clear explanation, albeit simple about the animals but it was done in an interesting way.

An exhibit showing a traditional way of making salt.

Eeeeeww....smelly :P

Many interesting souvenirs are sold here...

What can I say, this park too was amazing and pretty much taken us by surprise! We did not expect the place to be so organized and run very professionally. The collection of the animals are amazing too! Pretty entertaining tourist destination for family with young kids, even for the adults!

Feeding birds, a favourite activity among young visitors.

Chaotic candid shot of the group!

Very entertaining bird show is held daily for visitors.

Chase the geese! hahaha...!

Can I borrow your glasses? :P

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