Selasa, 12 Agustus 2014

Racing and google+

Well...actually there is no connection between the two whatsoever. I just wish to share my opinion about stop-motion pictures that is auto-generated by Google+. I find the feature really awesome. How can it be not? 

The stop-motion video above was auto generated by google+ from several shots that i took and uploaded to my Picasa web album. Isn't it great? I first discovered the feature several months ago when google+ put curious little star signs on some of my photos in web album.
When i clicked the pictures, a 'wow' exclamation escaped from my mouth! hehe...i am exaggerating here. probably understand what i mean. Google+ had edited those pictures into a neat package, whether it is a stop-motion clip or auto-awesome shot.

I no longer have to create my stop-motion picture from a scratch. All i have to do is to take multiple pictures of a moment, not too long seconds gap in between them of course and then upload them to web album. Google+ / picasa will take care of the job from then on, yeay! Of course some of you prefer to do this manually, yes you still can do it. You just need to turn the auto-awesome feature off.

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