Sabtu, 10 Mei 2014

Pasar Malam

We also have Pasar malam here in Singapore. The pasar malam moves from one neighborhood to others. This time round, it is held right across the junction of the road leading to our apartment. There  is something novel about the idea of pasar malam that always pulls people to it, although we know that the stuff they are selling at pasar malam are pretty much the same anywhere it is held. Perhaps it reminds us of the olden days, when we did not have many malls to go to for entertainments. Many years ago when I was just landed onto this soil called Singapore, I was pleasantly surprised to find a pasar malam was being held near our apartment. I found it strange that a modern country like Singapore still hold pasar malam as I thought this kind of market was only existed in my country! How narrow-minded I was at that time. Until now I think I am still fascinated by it as I always make time to pay pasar malam a visit even though I know I would end up buying stuff that I do not need hehe.

My team today: my mom and my kiddo, both were excited to check out the pasar malam :D

My favorite stall is always the one selling all sort of things, sort of like a Jack of the trades stall. Whether you go to a pasar malam with an intention to buy a particular stuff or just out of curiosity, you will definitely find something you need at home, and end up buying it! Hahaha. Anything is available here, from nail clippers to eating utensils to sewing threads to fly swatters! Hey....I mean it!

My best buy from the visit this time round were some new safety pins, melamine soup spoon for the boy at home, stove lighter, shower caps for my mom and...a mug cap. See...these are all useful stuff right? :-P

We managed to pass by the row of stalls selling street food without a blink of an eye. We walked pass them very quickly, surprise surprise! I hope it was a good sign at least on my part as my view towards healthy lifestyle changed. I was so happy to know that I did not have the urge to buy the sweet goreng pisang, the delicious (but very fattening) ramli burger nor the inviting kebab at all! Yaaay! Me no likey as they are not healthy. Well...the food was too oily anyway, I told myself that, so it was not worth to buy, except for the durians! I just could not resist the ah-boy (aka kiddo) plea to get some for him and his dad! Yeah...right. Excuse ... excuse... I would of course enjoy the "fruits from the mountain" 猫山王榴莲 as well.

My mom's favourite section of passer malam, the stalls selling plants, fertilizers and stuff :)

Okay...ah-boy definitely preferred to hang out here at this stall for the whole evening, if possible. Played a game for less than five minute, off my five dollars went to pay for the fee! So expensive!! Well, at least the boy went home smiling as he got a set of bow and arrows as the prize. Just don't aim it to people, okay???

I think we will go to pasar malam again tomorrow. My mom said she wants those pretty plants to beautify her mini garden at home so we will see how it goes.

The pasar malam i mentioned here is in Punggol, at the junction of Punggol Field and Edgefield Plains. It is going to be here till 14 may 2014, just in case you need a comb or a pair of scissors or something else, you know where to find those :)

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