Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

The Piano Guys

Good things must be shared.

I've been following The Piano Guys on youtube channel, and I think you should too :-)
Why? Simply because they produce beautiful music. Their version of many popular songs - Adele-s SkyFall, OST from Bourne Series to name a few - with a clever combination of classical numbers by great composers such Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven and many more are creative, imaginative, clever and fantastic. Coupled with great videography...their videos always get amazing number of  'likes'  and comments hit on youtube!  :-)

Take a listen of their interesting version of Mission Impossible OST, featuring Lindsey Stirling!

The Piano Guys consists of Jon Schmidt on piano and Steve Sharp Nelson on Cello, with Tel Stewart, Paul Anderson and Al van der Beek on videography, directing, music/studio. 

It started out in 2011 when Jon Schmidt walked into Paul Anderson's piano shop, asking whether he could practice in the shop for his concert. Soon after, with the addition of everyone else mentioned above, they started producing music videos and released them on youtube. The rest is history :-)   

They have since released their second album, which can be purchased through amazon or itunes. 
This is their website: the piano guys , where you can find out more about their latest activities and news. You can also purchase their singles as well as some of their piano and cello music scores from this website!

What I like about them is that they always write a comprehensive story behind the song. Why they chose the song, how did they shoot it, who/what inspired them to produce their version, what were the obstacles during the recording or shooting the video etc. 

Enough said. Just check out their videos and subscribe to their channel :)

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