Rabu, 16 November 2011

Old School on Mt. Sophia

This is Old School on Mt. Sophia. Located just off Orchard belt area, around Dhobby Ghaut MRT. It was where the Methodist Girl School was long time ago, hence the name.

The complex consists of 6 buildings which are leased out to various tenants.

The government plans to develop this area into residential use. I am sure it will attract many investors because of its prime location. Some people are against the plan and are making an appeal so that the complex is not going to be demolished.

Let me immortalised Old School in this series. Just in case....

One must climb this flight of stairs to reach the school.

Waaaks....she turned red after the climb!

Pooja pooja!!

Just a detail

Cute building numbering

Old school mailboxes

An entrance to one of the buildings

Details of windows

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