Senin, 23 November 2009

Kitchen disaster

Tried to make 'bubor mungbean' -bubur kacang ijo - using pressure
cooker. I thought i could cut down the cooking time by using pressure
cooker. But i had to clean up the kitchen instead as the cooker
steamed out all the water...including the mungbean! Complete with
horrible sound effect that went like:....Sssshhhhhshshshooosssshhhh!!!

Alamaaaak!!! Dapurkuuuu!!! :-(

3 komentar:

rismahutabarat mengatakan...

Wakakakak.. ^^
Kacang ijo bikin setori nih..
Mau cepat malah jadi repot ya, kak ^^

Syari mengatakan...

waa, scary ordeal there... I had the memory span of a fish when I was pregnant (not that it is any much better now.. LOL) I forgot that I've put a pot with oil on the fired up stove and left. When I came back not really recalling about the pot, only to se the whole pot was on fire.... scarryyyy....

si Dyah mengatakan...


Hiyaaa....sebel banget...tapi itu tidak seberapa dibanding kaget dan takutnyaaaa!

Syari, was. Kapok...jera...learnt my lesson! And you also had such a scary (and unnecessary) ordeal too!

Btw...seems that we have so much things in common...inluding the absentmindedness which seems to linger much longer, way longer after our pregnancy's over! LOL

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