Sabtu, 05 Juni 2010

Surviving on this

This d--n flu leaves me lethargic. Really. Have to pause to catch my
breath after do a simple house chore. So most of time...i just
rest, read, play w my kid, or play these silly games.

1.War chess game

Fun to play with fascinating graphics.
Not for serious players (who like to strategize la) the visual
effect will drive them crazy (come on, come on, what taking you so
long?...just kill the bishop, just kill!!!!)
But for is fun! :-)

2. Angry Birds
Aim of the game: kill the pigs! (hey...really!)
Simple rule but the cute graphics and creative challenges will get you hooked on this

3. Chicktionary
Like the title is a word puzzle game. The chick(en)s are hatching egg-carrying-letter for you! Cluck cluck!!! woohoo too cute to miss!

3 komentar:

Lidya mengatakan...

sayang disini ga ada simbol jempol ya, aku suka tuh game nya

Sultana mengatakan...

Dyah, I pray for your quick recovery. Moga cepat sembuh ya!!

I am having a cold here too. Been having it for days now. But getting better. Sucks to be sick!!

Ayu mengatakan...

Hai mbak, dah sembuh belom? Minta ijin naruh blog ini di blogroll yang baru yah :) Matur nuwun.

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