Minggu, 27 April 2008


Different people have different hobbies.

What I'd like to talk about in this posting is my son's new hobby...or should I say, my hubby's hobby? Well, you know kid, what can a three years old do when it comes to deciding what new hobby he should be taking? There must be a parent or parents influence there, and it was not from me in this case!

My son and hubby are now totally into Lego! Yup, the ultimate brick building models...you may call it whatever you like. For me...this is an absolute indulgence, judging from the price of each tiny model they have! The models are very cute and definitely well designed and I know my son learns alot from building these models. They come in different sets, the viking sets, the city sets, the creators set (for serious fans), the robot sets....apalagi ya? Well...they have many other sets which could make your jaw drops because they are so beautifully designed and so cute! People young and old collect them because...well, let's be honest, who can resist not to buy these cute little toys? But still....I cant stop this guilty feeling everytime I play the models with my son.

Maybe it is our nature ya...ibu2/ emak2 always think about basic survival, about how to save money for rainy day...(especially nowadays all prices of things has gone up..up..and up). Perhaps to make me feel better, I would think buying and collecting (yes...alot of people are into collecting lego models!) lego as an investment (you might roll you eyes and say : yeah...rite ...hihi). Kan...my son learns to think more creative, moga2 encourage thinking out of the box juga.

Anyway...sekarang, just enjoy and play, as long as I dont have to pay for those models!

Iseng2 ke sini : http://www.lego.com/

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ragil mengatakan...

nah, dulu keponakan saya pernah nelen lego pas umur 3 tahun. Heboh lah sedunia. Well, eyangnya sih yang heboh. Kakak saya mah sok cuek hehehe..

Btw, blog saya pindah lagi gara2 yang kemaren ilang..sebel.

Dyah Peni Tunjung Sari mengatakan...

ya ampun...gimana trus keponakannya? baik2 aja gak? Aqila umur 3 tahun niiiih

Pantesan aku main ke blogmu...kok gakda apa2nya dan yg satu lagi error! Walaaaaw kok bisa ilang sih?

MomCelia mengatakan...

kalo CĂ©lia lagi demen playmobil. Ajak ke legoland Dy, di jerman ato di UK.

giiil! mengatakan...

Ponakanku kalau gak salah dikasih obat, trus roda kecil itu keluar bareng pup.

Blog ku ilang gak jelas, gak tau kenapa. Sudah ditanya ke admin Enom tapi sampai sekarang ya gak beres2 juga. Sebel juga krn udah bayar.

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