Kamis, 21 Mei 2009

View from workplace

This is the view from my school located along the North bridge road,
right in the middle of the busy cityhall area.
On the far right we can see the development of the integrated resort
marina bay casino. On the far left... Is the giant wheel, The
Singapore Flyer. The white pointed roof is of the St Andrews cathedral.
The two dome roofs Is the famous 'durian' building- the Esplanade the
Theatre on the Bay.
At a far... On the horizon we can see Batam.
It was rather cloudy when i took the picture with my smartphone. On
bright and sunny day or in the evening, the view is simply
magnificent! Dont you agree?

8 komentar:

Syari mengatakan...

Is this anywhere near Swissotel? We stayed there for a few days once. It was years ago, so I don't really remember, but the view is quite familiar.

si Dyah mengatakan...

Yes...it is :D
It is taken from 26th floor of Peninsula Plaza.

shantz mengatakan...

Dyah...the view is simply cantik :)

Risma Hutabarat mengatakan...

If this is my workplace, I'll be very happy to spend some of my day-offs there with my daugher. So nice..

Lisa mengatakan...

agree, but the durian blds are ugly!

si Dyah mengatakan...


Bener...makasih :D

Hayo nanti kalo ke sini saya ajak nongkrong di sini

You either like it or hate it...the durian i mean. Hehehe

si Dyah mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Milla Widia N mengatakan...

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