Jumat, 01 Februari 2008


Received a very tempting proposition.

Not sure whether i am up to do it....but it is a too good of an offer to be ignored.

Am I willing to get out of my comfort zone? This...will definitely requires hard work and discipline...the latter is something that I am not very good at :(

My other half has doubt that I can commit my time, energy...and brain!
The more pessimistic he is...the more I feel challenged
BUt one has to be realistic...ya


2 komentar:

>Lisa mengatakan...

cmoooon you can do it!!! me too, it's been a while i'm wandering around in my comfort zone.

Dyah mengatakan...


iya ya coba aja dah.
Ive got nothing to loose...(well occasionally sleep less at night will not hurt much ya)

thanks so much for your encouragement.

you go girl!

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