Jumat, 11 Mei 2007

Victim of Fashion?

To be able to enjoy the comfort and safety of riding an MRT in Singapore is a blessing, especially for someone who had experienced the 'tormenting- sometimes scarry rides' on public buses back in Jakarta, like myself. The MRT is extremely reliable, fast, cheap....and safe. I always find something interesting whenever I am on the MRT. I get to see people, from every walks of life, young and old, pretty and uh oh...and those who pretend to be pretty, in their fresh -but sometimes- bizzare sense of style. Yup...no doubt, it is one of THE best place to check on the latest fashion in town! If you do not want to spend your money on style/fashion magazines...that is.

Several days ago, I was on my way to my class...and as usual I took my favorite mode of transportation, the MRT. On the journey...two ladies caught my attention with their interesting sense of style.

The first lady, she was around 30-40 years old. She was quite tall, around 167cm...she was probably on the slim side...a decade ago. She wore blue sleeveless tight shirt, with matching big blue earrings, and a mini denim skirt. She also wore a pair of blue sandals to match her outfit. NOW.....I admired her courage to wear tight fiiting and sexy outfit, especially for someone of her age...but ....oh dear, please ...do not show too much of your legs...especially when they have cellulite! Ouch.....I was in shock!

Before I fully recovered from my shock...I saw another lady, this one was a young lady with a pair of gigantic white sunglasses, which are back in fashion now. Remember Jackie O? She looked so sooo classy and chic in these. Back to this young lady, she was probably just turn 20 or so. A tall girl, with curvy and fleshy body. She sported a big flower hair band, also in white. A blue floral blouse, with a very low neckline...showing off her b...s (go figure out). To complete the style, she matched them with... again...a mini skirt, and a pair of white sandals. Uh ...oh...she also had a full make up and an attitute! Overall, she represented the type of confident young ladies who were comfortable with their style. Great!

The good impression stayed on ...till you stood behind her. Because then you would see...those ugly evident of someone who has excess fat in their legs/thigh. Waa....they just hurt your eyes, and make you feel embarass for an unknown reason!

Now...now....i am not a sexy nor attractive woman who follows fashion trend religiously, or knows how to dress properly for every single occasions. But I think I know my body well enough to hide the parts which are best hidden.

But then again...I couldn't help checking on what I wear on that day. Let me see. On that particular day, I wore a pair of plain black pants, a dark brown-maroonish pullover, black high heels, black working (read : boring-looking) bag, with no earrings or other accessories to match. Yuck....who do you think the fashion victim is now?

To know your body too well, I guess, is not such a good idea afterall. It constricts you from being adventurous...in trying different fashion styles...whether to match your mood, or just for the fun of it.

So....please ladies...by all mean...dont stop yourselves from wearing whatever you wish to wear, eventhough the result sometimes may hurt other people's eyes. It is okay....it is what makes my MRT journey interesting.

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