Minggu, 04 Juni 2017

House for the sick

Sharing some photos taken during mom's days as inpatient at SGH.

Looking back, it was fortunate that we managed to bring her to SGH's  A&E department, just in time. This led to so many things...from followup consultation with orthopaedic surgeon to admission to investigations to surprised findings and finally, the treatments.

Yes, some damaged had been done. But the dedicated team of doctors managed to save mom's life, just in time! We are so forever grateful to them. 

Until now, my heart skips a bit everytime we go to haematology centre. I dread the phlebotomy treatment that my mom has to undergo. But it is necessary for her condition.

I also find out that she is also taking drugs similar to those for people doing chemotherapy. Sigh...

Everything happens for a reason. I realised how precious our time together is. God still give me a chance to exercise my fillial duty. I now enjoy every moment i spend with my mom. I will do anything to make her happy and once you are at peace with the new dynamic which is mom not being so mobile now , it is actually a very easy thing to do. I think i was partly angry with the situation at first, seeing my usually active and healthy mom was so weak and bed bound. But now, i channel my energy to the effort of bringing her back to her healthy life. Jia You mommy, ibu bisa!

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