Jumat, 28 April 2017

Sarang Burung - Bird's Nest update 4

This morning 28.04.17 #bulbul #birdnest  A wet morning.

There are still two eggs. I guess it is the final tally.

By now, I think I know the birds' habit.
One of the parents (mama or papa, I am not sure as I learned that both may take turn in hatching their eggs) will be hatching the eggs from dusk to dawn, till around 7 or 8 o'clock  the following morning. Then the bird will go away perhaps to have breakfast. The parent birds then come back to the nest, taking turn from time to time throughout the day hatching the eggs.

This morning, I noticed that birds around our garden chirped louder than usual. The birds let out distressing or exciting sound, I could tell, as the sound was more high pitch than usual. I soon realized that there were a couple of black feathered Mynahs flying around between the palm trees nearby our home and our garden. I think a male Mynah was busy courting a female. They made noisy exciting sounds. I guess our Bulbul mama (or papa?) felt threatened and had to defend her/ his eggs. She was the one who let out distressing sound. 

The mama bird was not in her nest when I did a quick check earlier on. I thought she went away looking for food but then I saw her flying around the same area as the Mynahs, perhaps trying to chase away the latter.  After 3-5 minutes of commotion, the Mynahs flew away elsewhere. At the moment, the eggs are safe. 

This incident has got me thinking. Besides siblicide, even before hatching, the eggs and of course the chicks face dangers from predators (bigger birds, cats, squirrels, lizards, snakes) as well as other natural selection, such as falling out of the tree or nest. Sigh...I guess I should not get too attached to this family if I do not want to be overwhelmed with sadness if this episode ends with a sad note. 

As you can see, the nest is secluded, unassuming, and lodged comfortably in the branch forks of the tree. Can you find the bird in this picture?  

This picture shows you where the nest is located. It is right in the middle of the picture, lodged on top of the bamboo tree. The Japanese bamboo tree is the big plant on the right, next to a money plant. These two plants are potted and placed on the corridor floor. We hang most of the plants in our gardens along the ledge of the parapet.

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