Selasa, 20 Oktober 2015

Friday Prayers at Sultan Mosque

My husband's favorite mosque is Sultan Mosque and for the obvious reason. The mosque is very grand and beautiful. It also has rich history, way back to 1824 when it was built by Sultan Hussain Shah of Johore. 

It is currently under major renovation and therefore the mosque is temporary closed for women who want to join Friday prayers. Well, it is not a big problem for most of us women as we know that it is not compulsory for women to attend Friday prayers in mosques. The mosque has newly-installed glass elevator but it is still not in operation yet.

If you happen to be around Kampong Glam area, do drop by to the mosque. There used to be guided tours for tourists but I am not sure if that service is still available during the renovation. Well, it does not hurt to try to find out. The interior of the mosque is very beautiful you will not regret making a trip down to the area. 

Besides, there are plenty of awesome cafes and restaurants offering foods from around the world. Whenever we miss the taste of Indonesia, we will go to Sari Ratu Nasi Padang at Pahang Street to enjoy their rendang, chicken curry, and the steamed tapioca leaves dipped in green chili sambal. They are simply delicious!

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