Senin, 12 Mei 2014

Sharing means double the understanding


A super late post. This was written during adik Prisha's preparation for ABRSM violin grade 1 exam. She has since passed with Distinction and now plays even more beautifully!

Here It goes:

Adik Prisha is going to take her violin exam in two weeks time. Her three chosen pieces are ready, her scale is also good, her knowledge on aural is well on the way, however, she is still not ready with her sight-reading.

What is sight-reading? It is one section in the exam where the candidate is tested on his/her ability to play part of a piece almost instantly, within thirty seconds after the music score is laid out in front of him/her. The candidate needs to play it as perfect as possible, complete with correct dynamics and expression :-P

Aqila was personally instructed by his violin instructor, who happens to be the violin instructor in his school thus adik Prisha's instructor as well, to help her in this area. Aqila took the task very seriously. He prepared a lesson plan for this! He even asked my opinion on his approach to teaching adik Prisha this subject.

And here is a video of Aqila coaching dik Prisha.

Aqila dear, i am so proud of you. Adik is now able to read music score better than before! I am sure she will do well.

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