Senin, 14 November 2011

Ince upon a day in Little India

I went to Little India to do some errands this afternoon. Along the way, i took shots of the people.

People are the least photo subjects i take though i love looking at these type of photography. I find it difficult to capture moments, feeling and expressions of people.

Lastweek i attended an Instashow which was organised my SGIG or Singapore Instagrammers. They showcased works of 10 Instagrammers and each of the IGers presented their collections as well as sharing some techniques.

One of the techniques is to shoot people on the streets discreetly, or we call it using stealth mode.

I tried the method and here are the result! Enjoy!

Crossing the road. This was an easy take :-)

The auntie seller was busy doing her daily stock check. Another easy take.

I stood very close to her. Used the camera timer and pretended that i was on the phone. Hehe

Uncle was busy talking to the lady in previous picture! (naaah....i am just kidding!)

Close up series. Saw this monk coming out of a shop and quickly took out my iphone and shot him. I absolutely adore this picture.

Errr...these two ladies suddenly passed by in front of me when i pressed the shutter. I was aiming at the guy at the back ground! LOL!

I just love the colours of Little India! Do you? :-)

A couple were going for their lunch probably. What shall we eat today? :-)

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Location:Edgefield Plains,,Singapore

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