Selasa, 15 Februari 2011

Sarapan kampung style

Iseng bikin jenang candil. Perfect recipe for dummy hehe.

This is goutinous rice balls in gula malaka syrup. We, Javanese Indonesian, call it jenang candil or candil porridge. People usually eat it with thick coconut milk, but i prefer the healthier choice. It is delicious. My favorite snacks when i was a little until now :-)

My late grandmother used to buy this for me from Santa wet market as a reward for accompanying her to market. My late grandma lived in Jl. Ciragil, just a stone throw away from Santa Market. At that time, becaks were a plenty, and we used to hired one to the market. On the becak, the wind blowing to my face, the raintree leaves were falling on to the ground...before they were swept away by cars passed by. Such a wonderful memory....

Jadi ingat si mbah...may you rest in peace dear grandma.

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Lidya mengatakan...

walaupun makanan kampung weunaknya polll mbak :) pha kabar mbak?

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