Selasa, 14 April 2009


Hey... Ini coba write n upload post frm iPhone, using application called blogwriter. Sayang gak bisa upload gambar...karena ambil versi gratis nya doang  :D

3 komentar:

ArtaSastra mengatakan...

Testing berhasil kyknya..
Keren.. ;)

Syari mengatakan...

Cool, I could blog using my mobile phone, tried once and now don't know how to do. LOL

si Dyah mengatakan...

Iya testing brhasil :D

Its cool allright! N pretty easy too! But thedownside is that i can only upload text.. Well, i use the free version only, what can i expect ya? Hehe...

The full version will allow us to upload image, use geotag and other webste fwatures. Cool!

Just dont blog when using GPS... Because it costs me a bomb! Hot spot... Hot spot where are you!!!

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