Sabtu, 05 Mei 2007

An Alternative way to spending your weekend

Admit it....even on weekends you have a routine. Wake up late....have a brunch, go shopping or sightseeing, catch a movie or two? Am I right? Whaaaat ..... a dull life ya?

So are you ready to break that routine? Are you yearning for something exciting and new to do next weekend? Then go visit the Oldest Singapore Fire Station on Hill Street.

You will say....what's so exciting about the place anyway?

Well...these are some of the reasons:

Do you know that the old Fire Station building is now a Heritage Gallery /museum?
Have you met Merryweather Fire King?
Have you ever seen an Indian Pump?
Do you know that the way the Singapore fire fighters descending from a pole is uniquely Singapore? No other countries in the world adopt the same method?
Do you know that you can take beautiful pictures with interesting vintage fire fighting vehicles as the background?
Not enough to convince you to go there?

WEll....on Saturdays there are various demonstrations and personalized guided tours (all members of the fire brigade are more than happy to be your personal guide for that day) for visitors. Uh oh...and the admission is free :)
BTW....if you have young children who like to play pretend fireman/policeman, they will definitely LOVE the place!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and go there!

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