Minggu, 16 April 2017

Meet Up Diana At Little India

 I mentioned in previous post that I would be coming back to Little India in two days time, with a different friend. THis time, it is with Diana. Diana is a schoolmate from secondary school. Well...we weren't close back then, but we get reacquainted thanks to Facebook and now she is here in Singapore for two weeks to accompany her daughter settling stuff with her school.

After more than 20 years, we finally meet again. We decided to celebrate our very special meeting in Little India. I chose the venue, and it was the same restaurant lthat I went with a different set of friends (read previous post) two days ago.

Alas...I think Diana didn't particularly like vegetarian food. Though she politely said she did. Why I think she didnt like vegetarian food? It was because she didn't finish her dosai. She claimed she had tried the dish before, back in Jakarta. But come to think of it, she didn't say that she enjoyed the experience. Alamak...if only I paid more attention to what she was trying to say. Huhuuu... Sorry Di, next time kita pergi ke restoran Indonesia aja ya.

Anyway...off we went to the Indian Heritage Centre, after an hour spent at the restaurant.
The Indian Heritage Centre is located at 5 Campbell Lane, Little India. Going there is so easy, buses are aplenty. Nearest MRT Station is Little India Station.

What is this Centre about? Well basically it is a gallery and museum showcasing Indian culture, heritage, and history of Indian Singaporeans.

It is an interesting place to go. Great exhibits with great stories too. Something different to do while in Singapore. We will from which part of the Indian region they were originated, when they arrived in Singapore, what they did for the living, what are achievements the Indian community have reached so far. 
The story of saga seeds. It was used by goldsmiths as weighing measure for gold and silver. 1 gram of gold equales to 3.561 saga. Interesting isn't?

I think my friend Diana enjoyed the visit to this centre. Haha. Hopefully so. After a false start at the restaurant! Well...she definitely learn something new, I know I did.
The installation art based on the history of saga seeds.

Almost forgot to mentioned this. We actually made a detour to KK Hospital as I needed to get replacement of Aqila's medicine. Might as well...lets show my friend an example of a public hospital in Singapore. Alas...it was exactly midday, so hot and humid, and we did not carry any umbrellas nor hats. Passed by the LTA office which is also the old KK Hospital and took this picture. The other version of my photo is with Diana smiling widely next to it haha.

Till next time Di, baik2 di Jakarta. Thank you for the time well spent with me. Ketemu lagi yaaa!

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