Jumat, 24 Desember 2010

Di Mana Menghitung 'Countdown'?

Ketika sedang menunggui anak bermain di taman dekat rumah, ada seorang ibu yang mengajak mengobrol. Anak dia ternyata juga sedang bermain bola bersama anak2 lain, termasuk si raja kecil saya.

Ini obrolannya:

Ibu: Eh...you are going to witness the countdown here right?

Me: Eh...is there a countdown event here?

Ibu: Got lah. You mean you never read the notice hor? They (dont know who she is referring to as they) pasted the poster on the notice board next to the lifts.

Me: Er...oh...really? sorry haven't got the time to check it, been busy lately. (lame excuse). Errr...where is it going to be? (askig the quesion casually to cover my embarassment)

Ibu: there lah just behind Mee Toh primary school (which is indeed near our place). But you need to buy ticket.

Me: Oh dear. Do you know where i can buy the tickets? (although i am not so eager to go and watch, however i asked te question out of politeness)

Ibu:....'taaaadaaaaa' (she took out a bunch of tickets from her small handbag). Buy from me lah, i am selling the tickets. Got door prize, you know! Oh ...and got fire works also! Only 2 dollar per ticket!

Me:....errr...ooookay i buy four for everyone in my family (feeling ridiculously silly for being an easy prey for this lady)

Ibu: buy five lah...10 dollar, can? Come one. Or treat one as donation, okay? Can ya can?

Me: (how could i say no to that?) So there i was...came home from the playground with 5 tickets in hands to watch fireworks show on 31 Dec 2010, which will be held near our home, to mark the passing of the year 2010 and welcoming year 2011.

Auntie...you are indeed one very smooth sales! Have no regrets i bought tickets from you :-)

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