Selasa, 27 April 2010

Read between the lines

Hari ini Marina Bay Sands Casino resmi dibuka. Ada iklan dan
artikelnya di koran lokal hari ini. Di koran yang sama, hari ini
juga, ada 'ajakan' di bawah ini.

Read between the lines. Kesimpulan?

2 komentar:

Sultana mengatakan...

When we went to Genting Highlands, I somehow got a little lost at the arcade area looking for a way out. Somehow ended up right in front of the casino entrance. The security upon seeing me immediately told me to walk away, Muslims not allowed. Waa, as if I wanted to go in and gamble.I was like 100 metres away from the entrance.:D Funny thing though he didn't say anything to my husband. There was an invisible line for me. LOL I know you're not talking about 'that sort of line' but wanted to share this story. LOL

Lidya mengatakan...

mau coba mbak? :)

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