Minggu, 12 Mei 2013

Mom Goes Geylang

Its been awhile since my mom went to Geylang.

About a month ago we decided to give it a go. Went very early in the morning by 'tumpang' or took a ride in ayah's car.

Reached Geylang at around 8.30! We did some window-shopping, bought some jamus, and then...

...Had a breakfast at the foodcourt there.

We explored Joo Chiat road after the meal. We did some photoshoots along the way, mom was the model.
Isnt she pretty? :)

Background...Hotel 81 hehe

Obviously...i was not as cool as my mom when it comes to posing for photograph!

We stopped by at this wonderful shop selling cookwares and bakewares and all things related to it from the giant burner to tiny cookie cutter. We were so delighted to find kembang goyang moulds for my aunt who would soon be coming over from the US! Yaaaay!

Word of caution:
Go easy on the Nasi Padang.

A day after the trip to Geylang, my mom's blood pressure shot up. Most probably was caused by the food! Although i had tried to choose the dish wisely, apparently the salt and lemak santan gravy level was too high for her, for us actually as i also felt abit sick after the meal hehehe.

No no no...dont get me wrong. The food was wonderful! It was just that we were not used to eating such rich food anymore. I never cook rendang (dont know how) and seldom cook daun singkong dish (just learnt to cook this dish recently) so the dish we had at Geylang on that day was abit too much treat in one day for us :-P

Thank God her blood pressure returned to normal on the following day. Phewww....

So...when is our next trip to Geylang, mom? :-D

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