Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Sultans of Science

This is an awesome exhibition about Science in Islam. It is currently being held at Science Centre Singapore till 16 July 2012. Its another two weeks to go so make time to visit the Centre and be wowed by the exhibition !

At this exhibition we can learn about various inventions and innovations done by muslim scholars hundred years ago.

The exhibits was divided into several area, astronomy, arts and literature, optical/medical inventions and science.

Aiyoooh wheres the smile boy? Hehehe

Next time you sing do-re-mi do remember Al-Kindi :-)

Exhibit in Astronomy section. How the muslim scholars measured the distance of stars...

List of inventions/innovations by muslim scientists.

The most fascinating exhibit for me was the surgical instruments the muslim scientists used long time ago. How interesting to know that they did not change much over the course of hundred years! Go find out about it yourself!

The hands-on exhibits are interesting too.

Go check this link for more info:

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